Pre Trade-in Terms and Conditions (Locations in Thunder Bay, ON)

a) The Seller accepts the conditions and contents of this
agreement and authorizes the use of this information for
investigative purposes.

b) The Seller certifies that he or she is the sole and
lawful owner of the above mentioned item(s) and that
they are clear of all liens and all notes.

c) The Seller certifies that the information contained in
this Contract is accurate and true.

d) All information required for a Transaction is provided
to the Police and is available to the police for
investigative purposes

e) The Seller acknowledges that camera footage of the
seller may be used in accordance with police

f) All Trade in transactions are final and cannot be

g) The Seller certifies that he or she is over the age of 18 Years Old

Pre Trade-in Terms and Conditions (Locations outside of Thunder Bay, ON)

a) The Seller certifies that he or she is the sole and
lawful owner of the above mentioned item(s) and that
they are clear of all liens and all notes.

b) The Seller certifies that the information contained in
this Contract is accurate and true.

c) All Trade in transactions are final and cannot be


  • Marnics does not buy used, sealed electronics. Before making a purchase, the device must be opened and tested.
  • In certain instances, it is necessary to take off screen protectors and other protective coverings before purchasing a gadget in order to inspect its warranty conditions.
  • In the event that the transaction is unsuccessful, the buyer acknowledges that the sealed item has been opened and that any protective coverings that are not detachable, like the screen protector, have been removed and will not be put back on.


    Pre-Repair Terms and Conditions

    • It is advised to make a backup of your device before using any data transfer or repair services. Marnics disclaims any liability for any unintentional data loss that might happen while doing repairs.
    • Marnics may ask for your consent before requesting an updated quote for a repair ticket.
    • Services for data recovery are limited to data recovery. The device following a data recovery service may or may not be functional.
    • We are unable to test the device to make sure functions outside of the repair service are functioning if a device passcode is not provided, is provided but is incorrect, or if there is no method to get in touch with the customer while the device is being repaired. In this instance, the business will not be responsible for any further issues that arise after the repair that are not related to the repair service.
    • Every price mentioned during the repair check-in is an estimate. Upon additional examination of the device's condition, they might be modified. Any revision to the estimate beyond what was provided at the time of check-in will require approval requests before any work is done on the device or devices.
    • There is no way to guarantee a certain repair time period; all repair times are estimates only. We are not able to guarantee delivery times when parts are needed because we have little control over the shipping process.
    • You acknowledge that you are the device's owner or that you have the owner's consent to have it fixed by signing this work order.
    • By signing this work order, you agree that the original manufacturer is the only supplier for the repair services indicated as "Genuine". The remaining parts are aftermarket, used, or refurbished components.
    • You accept that your manufacturer warranty may or may not be void by using any repair service that is not marked as "Genuine" and release the company and its employees from liability for any void warranties.
    • All jobs must be picked up within ninety days of completion, excluding prior agreements. Jobs that are not picked up throughout this time frame could be regarded as abandoned. Using the provided contact details, we will make an effort to get in touch with the device's owner. Uncollected goods may be sold or otherwise disposed of if the allotted time has passed and there has been no response from the customer.
    • Other than the laptop/surface pro chargers that the customer provides and are needed for diagnostics during repair, Marnics will not be held liable for any lost accessories. The only accessories that will be permitted at repair check-in are laptop/Surface Pro chargers.
    • Devices lost during shipping for intra-company ticket transfers are not Marnics' responsibility. In this instance, the amount paid on the repair ticket invoice or invoices would be returned.
    • Marnics shall not be liable for any lost files following the completion of Data Recovery Services. Not all of the data will necessarily be transferred to the new device.
    • After the gadget is fixed, there is no guarantee that its water resistance will meet the same standards as the factory-sealed model.
    • A repair cannot be canceled once it has been approved and work on it has begun.
    • Marnics does not use parts supplied by customers for repairs.
    • Except in cases where the customer specifically requests otherwise at repair check-in, replaced parts become Marnics' property. Replaced parts holding data will be safely recycled. The parts that are replaced in Apple Genuine Repairs belong to Marinics and cannot be given back to the customer.

    Part Qualities in Repairs

    Genuine, OEM, or aftermarket parts are used for all repairs. OEM or aftermarket components shall be utilized in cases where a distinction between the quality type of repair is not made. The following definitions below are applicable:

    • Genuine
      • Purchased directly from the manufacturer, repaired using OEM tools and software from the manufacturer, in new condition
    • OEM
      • OEM Used/A Grade
        • Original parts removed from discarded devices; some wear and small scratches; in lightly used condition
      • OEM Refurbished
        • To update their appearance and/or address functional problems, some original components have been Refurbished, in used yet seems to be in new condition
    • Aftermarket
      • Aftermarket components that work with the Device, in new condition

    Warranty Claims

    • Depending on the kind of goods and the degree of damage, the warranty claims will be settled by either a device replacement or repair service. Marnics will decide how to handle this.
    • Genuine, OEM, or aftermarket components will be utilized if the item needs to be fixed. The following repair attributes are applicable to particular phone models (see below):
      • For iPhone Battery repairs on iPhone XR and newer, genuine quality will be used
      • For iPhone Screen repairs on iPhone 6 series -12 series, refurbished quality will be used
      • For iPhone Screen repairs on iPhone 13-15 Series, genuine quality will be used
      • For iPhone Rear Camera repairs on iPhone 12 series and newer, genuine quality will be used
    • The model and storage of the replacement device will match those of the covered item. Depending on availability, it could be A Grade, Open Box, or New, and the color could change.
    • In the event that a technician damages a part, the replacement part's quality will correspond with the damaged part (for example, a genuine screen will be swapped out for a genuine screen and an aftermarket screen for an aftermarket screen). The damaged part(s) shall be replaced with the next highest quality standard if the quality cannot be met.

    Products on Hold

    • When a consumer requests it, a product will be held at the store or warehouse for no more than 24 hours. Online orders will take precedence over the hold period if the product sells online during this time.


    • All deposits are completely refundable, provided that the repairs refund policy and terms and conditions are adhered to.

    Store Credits

    • You cannot exchange store credit for cash or any other kind of money.
      Store credit payments must be returned to store credits in the event of a refund.
      Only the following sorts of transactions may result in the issuance of store credit:
      Refunds, trade-ins or Issued/Voided to a Customer Profile Manually

    Special Order Products

    • 100% payment upfront required